Physician and economist with 25 years’ experience in clinical work, research, and strategic planning and consulting. Wide-ranging international training and teaching experience as well as in-depth knowledge of university structures, accreditation processes, and the development of innovative/internet-based curricula in national and international settings with special emphasis on teaching health economics and health care financing in different settings and for different audiences. Professor of Health Economics since 2005. Focus of work on international health economics, health system development and health care financing, economic evaluation and rationing health care, as well as internet-based empirical health systems research. More than 15 years’ experience in international cooperation in non-European countries and more than 70 completed assignments. High degree of inter-cultural sensibility, good command of the English language. Project experience in Northern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast and South Asia. Broad national and international consulting experience, in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on health systems, health care financing, social protection, and policy applications. Strong communication and moderation skills.



1985–1992 Medical School, Universities of Bonn and Göttingen
1990–1991 “Biomedical Sciences Exchange Program” in the United States, sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
1992“Dr. med.” (MD thesis), “Medicine in Göttingen 1933–45”, University of Göttingen
1987–1997Economics studies, Universities of Göttingen and Hannover
1999“Dr. rer. pol.” (PhD thesis), “Public Participation in the Rationing of Health Care”, University of Hannover
FellowshipsDAAD (1990-1), DFG (Post-Doc 1995-7), DFG (Lecture 2005), DFG (Lecture 2014)


1984–1985Military service
Additional trainingCosting methodology, computer programmes, presentation techniques, meeting management and moderation, conflict management, inter-cultural communication
Membership in scientific societiesVerein für Socialpolitik, German Society for Health Economics (dggö), International Health Economics Association (iHEA)


1992–1993Junior House Officer Psychiatric Clinic
> Clinical training
1993–1995Junior/Senior House Officer Transplant-Surgery
> Clinical training and research
1995–1997Post-doctorate grant German Research Council (DFG)
> Economic evaluation of abdominal transplants
1995Visiting scholar at the Centre for Health EconomicsYork, England
1997–1999Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group
> Energy (marketing-strategy), Biotechnology (gentech-strategy)
Medical technology (medical imaging). Human resources (BCG tool))
2000–2001Head of the Health Economics department, IGES (Institute for Research in Health and Social Sciences)
> Disease Management, Case Management, Determinants of drug consumption, Health Technology Assessment
2002–2004Long-term expert for German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
> Supporting the Philippine Health Sector Reform: Health Policy, Social Health Insurance, Monitoring and Evaluation
Tacloban, Philippines
2005–2008Professor for Economics and Ethics in Health Care
Private University of Applied Sciences of the German Red Cross
> Accreditation of the University and various Bachelor and
Master studies. President of the University 2007/8
since 2008Senior Lecturer at the MIPH
Mannheim Institute of Public Health, (Heidelberg University)
> Teaching medical and international master students, supervising PhD students, research; accreditation and development of the “Master of Health Economics”
Visiting scholar at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)Islamabad
Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine London
since 2004Free-lance consultant in international health economics, health care financing and social protection


Development of a training concept for Inter-Local Health Zones in Southern Leyte, Philippines Overview of the health care consultancy market in Germany
Development of an integrated long-term training course on health insurance and social policy for participants from Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines (since 2006) Hospital reform in Tripoli, Libya Planning and executing a study tour for a delegation from Kazakhstan on hospital planning and quality management Improving Payment for Health Care in Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam Assessment of future training needs in health care financing in Eastern Africa (Cameroon, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya) Senior Advisor Health Economics and Health Care Financing, Nepal; 2008-2010
Concept of introducing a voucher scheme to strengthen an existing social health insurance and to combat HIV/AIDS in the poor population, Tanzania
Developing and conducting a workshop on the role of donors in health care financing Feasibility study to introduce Social Health Insurance in Sierra Leone
Planning and execution of a workshop on health care financing Review of the strategic plan for a private hospital in Tanzania Technical input and seminars for the course „Capacity Building for Effective Health“ with participants from Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Kenya Working on a „ Planning Guide for Health Sector Response to HIV/AIDS“ (with WHO) Developing and conducting a workshop on good governance in health care financing Development and implementation of community-based health insurance in Myanmar Implementation of Basic Health Care System in Chongqing, China The cost of the HIV / AIDS workplace policy for a German bilateral development agency Reviewing and editing an interim assessment of the Rural Health Services Construction and Development Program (RHSCDP) in China Assessment of an innovative pharmaceutical distribution scheme in the Philippines Health care financing for the non-poor informal sector in Indonesia Development of a concept for an outpatient benefit package for medicines for the Philippine National Social Health Insurance (PhilHealth) Feasibility study and recommendations on Township-Based Health Protection (TBHP) in Myanmar Supporting the development of the Centre for Population, Health, and Social Policy at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad, Pakistan Conceptualising an offer to the Sierra Leonian Government for introducing social health insurance. Developing a costing approach for essential health benefit packages Exploring options for health financing development in Myanmar Development of a master plan for the health care infrastructure in Kyrgyzstan, modelling staffing and cost consequences. Literature review on the effect of social protection on working conditions and productivity in SMEs. Supporting the German “National Centre for Early Help” (NZFH) in identifying, assessing and counselling for young families with specific needs Developing a concept note on introducing social health insurance in Kazakhstan International comparative analysis for developing Social Health Insurance, Cairo, Egypt Support in re-building a church-run hospital in Tacloban, Philippines Actuarial estimation of the effects of introducing social health insurance, Astana, Kazakhstan Workshop on social protection with an all-party group of parliamentarians, Naypyidaw, Myanmar
Development of an online course on “Creating and Extending Social Protection Floors and the Right to Social Security”

Training on prothesis and orthesis financing in China and Germany, Berlin Workshop on business planning for the national Health Management Center, Astana, Kazakhstan Development of a guidebook on implementing health and long-term care in the informal economy Advisor on the German health care system for various international consultancy clients from USA, Hong Kong, UK, Australia Supporting the development of integrated health care provision and financing in the federal state of Burma Reviewing pediatric pharmaceuticals in Solomon Islands Independent Mid-term Review of the Den Sooluk health refom program in Kyrgyzstan Developing a concept to integrate voucher schemes and the Health Equity Fund in Cambodia Reviewing the role of private health insurance in the newly established social health insurance program in Kazakhstan Supporting the market access of a German start-up company in the field of transplantation medicine Reviewing the results and effects maternal and neonatal health programme with a special emphasis on Value for Money (VfM) calculations Review current HTA in the country and suggest policies, structures and activities to strengthen HTA Review hospital project management at the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health Development of a policy and technical concept to harmonize and integrate data on social protection Reviewing the impact of a multi-year development program in the health sector in Laos Development of Country Diagnostics Studies, capacity building processes, and investment and financing studies on Elderly Care in 6 Asia-Pacific countries Collaborative EU-study on long-term care innovations throughout Europe (SUSTAIN) Review health care financing and supporting the development of a national health insurance scheme in Zimbabwe Review of the Benazir Income Support Programme in Pakistan Development of future strategies to support the development of social health insurance in Pakistan Review of an introductory text to international course “sustainable development”; University of Kaiserslautern Assessing the appropriateness of medical equipment for a specialised hospital in St Petersburg, Russia Ex-post evaluation of polio program in India Review of bilateral involvement in the Expanded Program on Immunization in Pakistan Health care financing and provider payment system as part of developing the Master Plan for the Development of the Health Care System in Kyrgyzstan Institutional assessment and development of PESSI (Punjab Employees’ Social Security Institute) in Pakistan Study on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on video-consultations in German private practices



Lecturer, School of Nursing: Psychiatry, Surgery, Medical School Hannover
“Cost assessment of abdominal transplantations”, Medical School Hannover
Research seminars: Trends in insurance economics and health economics, Rationing medical care Development of the international „Course on Social Health Insurance“, conducted by the AIM
(Asian Institute of Management), Manila, Philippines
“Health Financing and Economic Evaluation of Emergency Programmes”, Heidelberg University

Lecturing at the private University of Applied Sciences of the German Red Cross and the Leibniz FH School of Business

– Introductory Economics
– Introduction into scientific work and project management
– Health Economics and Health Care Financing
– International Aspects of Health Care Management
– International Health Economics / Public Health

Development and execution of a course on health insurance and social policy for young leaders from Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia.
Teaching on „Financing Health Care – Principles of Insurance”, Heidelberg University (since 2008).
Teaching in the international course “Leadership”, Heidelberg University.
Course “International Approaches to Health Financing and Health Insurance”. Blended Learning with e-Learning / chats and seminar for health care professionals from East Africa
Development of a Master course “Health Economics” at Mannheim Medical Faculty.
1-week-course on “Health Economics and Health Care Financing” for senior staff from the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal.
Teaching at the Master of Science in Health Economics course, University of Heidelberg- Health

– Economic Theory
– Ethics and Health Policy
– Health Care Financing
– Health Technology Assessment and Clinical Decision-Making

Development of an integrated online course on “Pension Systems in Developing Countries”. Lecturing on social health insurance for visiting groups from Vietnam, China, and Mongolia Visiting scholar in health economics and health care financing at PIDE (Pakistan Institute of Development Economics), Islamabad Teaching at the CIEE Center for International Education and Exchange, Berlin Teaching at the Sozial- und Arbeitsmedizinische Akademie Baden-Württemberg (since 2015)


Obermann K: Ärzte, Universitäts- und Alltagsmedizin in Göttingen 1933-1945. Göttingen 1992. [MD thesis]
Obermann K: Public Participation in the Rationing of Health Care. Shaker Verlag: Aachen 2000. [PhD thesis]
Bodart C and Obermann K (eds.): Making your local health system work. A resource book on local health system development. Applied research for the health sector reform. GTZ German Technical Cooperation, Manila, Philippines 2005.
Bodart C and Obermann K (eds.): Let us make our local health system work. A primer for the general public on local health system development. Applied research for the health sector reform. GTZ German Technical Cooperation, Manila, Philippines 2005.
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Obermann K, Thielscher C: Medical Economics. Agenda Publishing / Columbia University Press 2022.

Essential Drug Procurement and Supply Management System in Nepal: Options for Improvement (M. Stoermer et al., 2009)
The Current Legal Framework on Health Care Financing and Social Health Protection in Nepal (R. Badhal, 2009)
Free Health Care in Nepal (F Hachette, 2009)
Resource Allocation for Health Care in Nepal (F Hachette, 2009)
Availability of Essential Drugs in Nepal (P Silwal, 2010)

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Scientific reports
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More than 130 scientific presentations held between 1990 and 2022.


1995, Hannover: International Symposium on “Neurotransplantation in Parkinson’ Disease: Clinical, scientific and ethical aspects” (with A Brandis, G Nikkhah, R Dengler, M Samii, GF Walther).
1997 (chair): Health Economists’ Study Group meeting, York University, York (U.K)
2002, Manila, Philippines: “7th Regional Conference of GTZ supported Health Projects in Asia” 2003, Bohol, Philippines: “Hospital Summit for the Province of Southern Leyte”
2006, Göttingen, Symposion „Management von Katastrophen und Risiken als Studienangebot” 2007 (chair): Session on “Modelling”. 6th iHEA Conference, Copenhagen.
2009 (chair): Session on “Paying Doctors”. 7th iHEA Conference, Beijing
2011 (chair): Session on “National Health Insurance”. 8th iHEA Conference, Toronto
2011, Scientific chair of the Medizin Management Verband symposium “Patienten-Kommunikation in Zeiten des Internets: Arzt-Homepages: Sicherheit, Suchmaschinen, Services“, Hamburg
Member of the Jury for the „Publizistik Preis“ of the Foundation for Health / Stiftung Gesundheit, since 2007
Member of the Standing iHEA Scientific Committee at the Conference of the international Health Economics Association, since 2007
Member of the dggö’s scientific committee to select papers for presentation at the annual conference (since 2013)

April 2022